Things To Do In San Jose

The city of San Jose is one of the most popular and third largest in California. It is the well-known area for its booming high tech industry and now it is also called as Capital of Silicon Valley. Off lately, Silicon Valley has found its name on the bucket list of travellers “Things to do in San Jose”.

Overall, travellers will get a great experience by visiting this city because it is popular for museums, parks etc. This city also has a colourful history, tradition, culture and here you can get ultimate fun by visiting many places.

Things to do In San Jose

1. Kelley Park:

Things to do in San Jose

Kelley Park is the popular iconic place in San Jose as well as it covers around 156 acres. The park has different facilities within its borders. This whole park was farm owned by Mrs Louise Kelley which was given to the city after her death. It is the best attractions you can relax and take rest. Kelley Park is the best picnic areas that offer ultimate excitement to all. It has to be a definite addition to your list of things to do in San Jose.

2. Guadalupe River:

Things to do in San Jose

If you need to enjoy some quiet time or need to relax in the fresh air then this place has to be on your list of things to do in San Jose. Guadalupe River Trail is the ideal place for both local and international travellers. Here the trail runs along the side of the river that also gives you a sense of calm on your journey. Overall, the trail is highly popular and this also paving right along the route this also helps to avoid any muddy parts so you can enjoy a lot by taking travel.

3. Alum Rock Park:

Things to do in San Jose

Alum Rock Park is the oldest municipal parks in California and offers something to everyone. Here you will find and enjoy 740 acres of rugged beauty. For this most visitors love to visit this place once in their life. At the same time, it is the popular place for jogging, cycling, hiking even it is the perfect place for a picnic. You can find many wild animals throughout the park such as deer, mountain lions, and bobcats. Alum Rock Park should be added to your checklist of things to do in San Jose, if you are on a family vacation.

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4. Municipal Rose Garden:

Things to do in San Jose

Municipal Rose Garden is the favourite place for people in town to relax; recoup, etc. you can literally smell the roses and here you can enjoy 4,000 of them. The garden is home to a lot of blooming roses, which is why it is been considered as the fragrant paradise. It is the five-and-a-half–acre garden and it is one of the biggest and beautiful rose gardens in the world.

5. Willow Glen walkable tree-lined streets:

Things to do in San Jose

It is the historic neighbourhood of San Jose and Willow Glen is popular for walkable tree-lined streets, it has numerous restaurants and shops. Overall, it is the popular choice for appealing architecture. It has a small-town atmosphere as well as speciality boutiques and vintage shops; even it is popular for children’s shops, coffee shops, sidewalk cafes etc.

These are some of the popular places that offer great cultural experience, even it is the popular place for many museums as well as art galleries. Overall, it is the place for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the many walking trails. In addition to this, you can also enjoy many kids’ activities across the city.

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