The Salt Lake City or SLC was founded by Brigham Young and other followers of the LDS church, who were looking for an escape from the religious persecutions in the mid-western United States. It is the capital of the US state of Utah. The city got its name for its proximity to the Great Salt Lake and was originally named the Great Salt Lake City. The place is known for a lot of architectural structures like the Assembly Hall, Square Temple and nature’s structures like the Utah Mighty, Grand Tenton,and the Big Cottonwood Canyon. There are many places to explore and a lot of things to do in Salt Lake City, Utah. The LDS Church is the world headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints.

The city does sound serious for its history; however, it has become a tourist attraction and is flocked by millions every year. Therefore, today we have brought together a few exciting things to do in Salt Lake City.

Things to do in Salt Lake City

  • Explore the Temple Square
    Temple Square in Salt Lake City

The Temple Square is a three-block plaza and is home to around 20 attractions to see which are related to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The temple is anchored by the tall and towering structure, the Salt Lake Temple. Weekly meetings of the church’s governing body’s are held here. There are other fascinating buildings like the Gothic styled Assembly Hall and the Tabernacle. These two buildings offer a lot about the history and development of the Mormon Church. The church offers a beautiful stroll along the gardens and the gurgling fountains. It is the best place to add in your bucket list of “things to do in Salt Lake City” if you are looking to have a peaceful time.

  • Ski down the snowy Park City
    snowy Park City

The Park City was initially made for powder hounds. The place sits about 30 miles southeast of the SLC. Park City homes two major alpine ski spots that sprawl across a vast mountain terrain, skiers,and snowboarders of all skill levels. The Deer Valley resort at Park City caters to skiers only as snowboarding is prohibited here. Also, you can go for hiking and biking trails and also swing a bat at the Park City Golf Course. Its a definite add to your bucket list “things to do in Salt Lake City”, isn’t it?

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  • Visitthe Grand Tenton and Yellowstone
    Grand Tenton and Yellowstone

While visiting the Grand Tenton, one can experience the American West in an all-inclusive tour. You will have a great time learning about the geological history of the landmarked by ice ages and volcanic activities. Also, for those of you who love the cowboy culture, this is the best place for you and you should add it to your bucket list of ‘things to do in Salt Lake City’. For, Salt Lake City has a range of working and historic ranches. The landscapes are fascinating and so is the culture. You can also avail of river rafting and horseback riding.

  • Check out the name giver, Great Salt Lake
    Great Salt Lake

The largest natural salt lake in the Western Hemisphere is the Great Salt Lake, laying to the west of Mississippi River. The nature of the water gave the lake its name, and the lake gave the name to the capital of Utah, Salt Lake City. A lake is a good place for a swimming session and for spotting wildlife. Many visitors opt for the hiking trails around the lake and also go boating, fishing and have picnics with friends and family. The lake is vast and gorgeous; you can just sit by the banks and enjoy its beauty.

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  • Stroll at the Red Butte Garden
    Red Butte Garden

If you are a fan of nature and greenery, the Red Butte Garden should be definitily present in your bucket list of ‘things to do in Salt Lake City’. The garden is for both adults and kids, as kids will be exposed to beautiful landscapes and planting ways.  You can also plan a day out for a picnic at the Garden and have rejuvenating experience amongst nature. The garden is about 100 acres and includes a display and natural gardens, pathways, hiking trails, etc. it is a gorgeous place and promises a great time.

  • Hike off to Big Cottonwood Canyon
    Big Cottonwood Canyon

If you visit the Utah Rocky Mountains, you can visit the canyon. It is about a three hour trip from the Salt Lake City. The Wasatch Mountains are gorgeous and you can capture beautiful scenery if you are a photo enthusiast. You can expect to spot Moose and other wildlife on the way to the Silver Lake. Upon driving back from the Salt Lake Valley, you can spot the Great Salt Lake and the islands at the distance. It is a wonderful trip. It is a bit time consuming, so its better to have that in mind while adding it to your bucket list of ‘things to do in Salt Lake City’

  • Go down the history at Natural History Museum of Utah
    Natural History Museum of Utah

This is among the top attraction spots for visitors in the SLC. The museum provides an introduction to the science of Utah’s magnificent landscapes. There is an exhibition of over 5,000 artifacts and also features Utah’s paleontology discoveries. Also, you will be able to learn about the stories told by the five Native Nations that lay within the state boundaries of Utah. You can also enjoy breathtaking views from the observatory deck of the museum. Give it a day, you will love it.

Well, these were the top few things that you can explore, do and enjoy while visiting the Salt Lake City. Every place has an exceptional experience to provide to the visitors. Make your trip an exceptional one and let us know how it was for you and your peers. Hope you find our list of things to do in Salt Lake City helpful, do let us know how you liked visiting these places.


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