The boyhood home of Superman has a lot more to offer than just the fictional town of Smallville. Visitors will be surprised to know that Kansas City has more barbeque restaurants per capita than any other US city.  Opened in 1922, the Country Club Plaza was the country’s first suburban shopping district. So let’s enjoy the effortlessly charming Kansas City and see what it has to offer to its visitors. We have penned down some fun-filled things to do in Kansas City.

Things to do in Kansas City

  • National World War 1 Museum
    National World War 1 Museum | things to do in kansas city

The memories of a time long gone but not forgotten, this museum; housed inside a modern building is filled with vast informative displays of WW1 along with cabinets full of uniforms and weapons. The National WW1 museum is renowned throughout the country as being one of its kinds, with its glass walkway over a field of red poppies. It serves as a reminder of the bloody combat which took place in the trenches during WW1. But the museum doesn’t just offer a blast from the past and there you will also be able to experience the panoramic beauty of Kansas. This had to be added in our list of things to do in Kansas City, as respect to our martyrs.

  • Country Club Plaza
    Country Club Plaza | things to do in kansas city

Built in the 1920s, this commercial area is still the premier shopping destination of Kansas City. But the real reason to pop in for a visit is to admire the Spanish architecture of the place. A mix of shopping and architecture made us add the Country club Plaza into the list of ‘top things to do in Kansas City’. Most notable sights are the Neptune Fountain and the bullfight mural over on Central Street. There are walking tours available which will allow you a scrumptious sightseeing opportunity where details of the main sights and sculptures will be provided.

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  • The Amazing World of Fun
    The Amazing World of Fun | Things to do in Kansas City

Open for a full 12 hours during summers- from 10 am to 10 pm, this theme park sprawled over a whopping 235 acres fulfills the fun quota for all ages. They have the infamous Mamba rollercoaster which like its namesake, is famed for being one of the fastest and scariest in the country. Tired of the topsy-turvy of roller coasters? Then head over to the Dinosaurs Alive Attractions which features life-size dinosaurs. This is sure to send chills down your spine and thrill the kids and adults alike. Could our list of ‘Things to do in Kansas City’ miss this location? Noo way!!

  • African American Baseball
    African American Baseball | Things to do in Kansas City

Baseball is USA’s favorite sport and while there are many fans who keep stats ready at the tip of their tongue, many probably aren’t aware of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. It explores the world of baseball in the US when it was racially segregated. Here’s some trivia: There were once only African American teams like the New York Black Yankees. The story of sports segregation and the gradual integration is explored and told at this museum. You can go for a tour of the 18th and Vine Complex in Downtown Kansas City. Here’s a little more of that trivia: Before Jackie Robinson became the first African-American major leaguer, he was a shortstop with the Kansas City Monarchs, which was a Negro Leagues organization.

  • American Jazz Museum
    American Jazz Museum | Things to do in Kansas City

This museum is a great place to pop into if you are interested in learning about the history of jazz in the area, like the different styles, the instruments used and the famous musicians who once called Kansas City their home. Here’s an example: Charlie Parker, one of the most famous jazz musicians lived and played in the neighborhood. Housed in the 18th and Vine Complex in Downtown Kansas City, the museum is not just stylish but also interactive. Also, not to brag but Jam sessions actually originated in Kansas City, where the jazz musicians would play well into the early morning hours.

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  • Kansas City Zoo
    Kansas City Zoo | Things to do in Kansas City

Founded over a century ago, the Kansas City Zoo continues to attract large crowds to this day. Set up in 1909, this 200-acre zoo is well known for its Kenya and tiger trail exhibits. Recently, they have also added koala bears to their roster. If you are planning a visit, then make sure to prepare yourself for plenty of walking. Also, take a full day off so that you can appreciate the exhibits and those magnificent creatures.

  • Leila’s Hair Museum


    Leila Hair Museum | Things to do in Kansas city

This might sound quirky at the most and odd at the worst, but hair art was a very popular form of art in 1800s Kansas City. You can appreciate all the different styles at Leila’s Hair Museum which displays the largest collection of jewelry and wreaths made from hair. Situated in Independence, which is just east of Kansas City; this collection is truly one of its kinds on display for the public.

Nelson Atkins Museum
Nelson Atkins Museum | Things to do in Kansas City

Art buffs are welcome to visit the Nelson Atkins Museum which is known for its architecture as well as its impressive art collection. The building is said to look like a chandelier emerging from the surrounding lush greenery. Its neoclassical design complements the vast amount of paintings and photographs sourced from Europe and Asia.

The City of Kansas is full of museums which offer a glimpse into its colorful past. But you have to be faster than a speeding bullet to see it all during your vacation.


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