Things To Do In Flagstaff

Flagstaff is the iconic place for people looking for a unique travelling experience. It has a lot of outdoor activities too. There are lots of things to do in Flagstaff, here you can enjoy a lot from exploring the dwellings of ancient peoples. This place is popular for some state park as well as national monuments to hiking and skiing the mountains.

It is even the best place to simply relax alfresco with a craft beer. Of course, Flagstaff is full of activities because of which most visitors love to visit this place once in their lifetime. Apart from the rich tradition and culture, there is also ample opportunities throughout the city so you can enjoy shopping and noshing. Here you can do different things to get ultimate fun with your family and loved ones.

Things to do in Flagstaff

Maverick Helicopter Tours:

things to do in Flagstaff


Maverick Helicopters tours are the best option for the travellers to enjoy the beauty of the city. In general, Maverick’s helicopters are climate-controlled; at the same time, these are specifically built for sightseeing that allows people to enjoy unobstructed views. Maverick is one of the world’s largest operators of ECO-Star helicopters so anyone can enjoy the adventure of a lifetime by choosing this option.

Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend:

things to do in Flagstaff

It is one of the most attractive and popular iconic landscapes in the American Southwest- Antelope Canyon. Here you can enjoy a lot with your family and spend your valuable time in a relaxed manner. This place offers most spectacular views and also a great experience for the travellers. Colorado River makes a complete horseshoe turn and it is the best place to take great pictures and it even offers a memorable experience for everyone.

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Flagstaff Extreme:

things to do in Flagstaff

Flagstaff Extreme is the most popular adventurous obstacle course in which participant’s aged seven can test their limits on challenges like scrambling walls, rope swings, wobbly bridges as well as dozens of other features; in general, these are located at tree level.  Usually, each course starts out with a thirty-minute safety as well as the training session.  It is the best place for adventurous travellers. Adventure lovers, make a note on your list of ‘things to do in Flagstaff’ list.

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Museum Of Northern Arizona:

things to do in Flagstaff

This museum is located three miles north of Flagstaff, as well as MNA features exhibits relating to biology, anthropology, geology, as well as fine art.  Apart from that, this Museum also has permanent and changing exhibits.  So it is the ideal place for people who love rich culture, history.  Even this museum is also open daily for self-guided tours.

Hanging Gardens:

things to do in Flagstaff

Hanging Gardens is situation located in the east of Glen Canyon Bridge, and these are spring-fed colonies of plants often formed in alcoves or glens. Here people can enjoy a lot; it is the popular place for enjoying a great place to enjoy cool climatic conditions. Lake Powell’s Hanging Gardens is an unusual form of the spring-supported plant community.

Therefore consider these popular places that we have handpicked for you, so you don’t have to run around and make a list of “things to do in Flagstaff” to enjoy a lot with your family and friends. Make sure to do a proper research on the transport and the timings of different activities (as they are bound to change without any prior notice) to get a fun-filled experience.

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