When you think about Colorado, Denver is the name that comes to our mind. This place which is known as the mile high city is home to some of the biggest football fans and the backdrop of a rocky mountain. Denver is popular because one can chill here the whole day by just sitting on the balcony and indulged in the charismatic view. But if you have time to roam around, then here we suggest a list containing few things to do in Denver while you stay there.

Specifically picked according to different interests, the places and things to do in Denver on this list are just a few handpicked ones of some many amazing activities that you can explore on your own. In the meanwhile, take a look at these shortlisted activities that we have arranged for your holidays this season.

  • Red Rocks Park:
    When you are in Denver, never miss the rocky mountain and the closest you can get is red rock park. Spread around 900 acres of crimson rusted colour stones and hills. If you don’t have much of time than you can just walk around and feel the breathtaking view. This is definitely one in the list you would not want miss in your bucket list of things to do in Denver

things to do in denver


  • Coors Field:
    Even if you are not a big fan of baseball, still you should visit Coors Field. One of the reasons is the stadium is always packed and you will feel the craze for the game. The other best reason is the taste of the finest of the Denver brew on the rooftop. With a capacity of 50,000 people, this place is truly mindboggling.

things to do in Denver


  • 16th Street Mall:
    If your only purpose is just to enjoy and to know the real Denver than you should take a walk to the 16th street mall. You will find a lot of restaurants at shops on both sides. It’s the true face of Denver and this street is famous for its walkways too.

things to do in denver

16th Street Mall

  • United States Mint:
    If you are interested in history or money than you will find this place interesting. It’s more than 150-years-old; originally built to create gold bars and coins, now it can produce more than 50 million coins a day. Just visit and take a walk into the history of currency in America.

things to do in denver

United States Mint

  • Mount Evans Scenic Byway:
    The true beauty of Denver lies in the mountains of this rocky area. If you have a day or two and want to spend a quality time to look around and enjoy the sceneries, then this is the place to be. Echo Lake Park is one of the places to look out for when you travel to the Mount Evans.

things to do in Denver

Mount Evans Scenic Byway

  • Denver Museum of Nature & Science:
    If you want to spend some quality time with your children than you must visit this place with them. With more than 90 habitat scenes and a dinosaur with mummies, you will find everything that makes you wonder about the life around the world.
    things to do in Denver

Denver Museum

This list contains some of the best places to visit and help you create your bucket list of things to do in Denver, the true Denver lies indeed in the street and in the people. Just visit this place once and it will make you marvel and will leave you with the awe-inspiring feel without any fail.


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