Our bodies constantly make us question its state if something seems missing. Many people aren’t happy about the way that their bodies look. Weight is a big issue for all genders. Men are often perceived for their body shape and muscles. Some men face something embarrassing called puffy nipples. In this condition, the areolas of the nipples protrude from the body and appear puffy. Men often get ridiculed as their friends mock them as it appears like small breast buds. Men may also feel embarrassed to open their clothes in front of their partner because of this issue. But solving the problem should be their first priority.

Why some men have puffy nipples?

Every human being has a different type of nipple. We just categorize them according to their appearance. Some people face inverted nipples or flat nipples just like some people have puffy nipples. But men may get this type of nipples due to several factors. So, let us have a look at the most common factors.

  • Extra fat in the body often leads to puffy nipples. The fat may deposit in the chest area giving the nipples a puffy appearance.
  • Some men have an imbalance in their testosterone and it may form the puffy nipples.
  • Gynecomastia or male breasts may also lead to them.
  • Men who use too much steroid may also face the issue of puffy nipples.

Ways to get rid of the puffy nipples:

Yes, the puffy nipples frustrate many men and they just want to get rid of it. So, we will list some of the ways which will give them their desired look. But they need to remember that change takes time and they will need to remain patient for it. Let us begin:

  • Exercise: This is the most popular way that men generally take to get rid of their puffy nipples. The best way is to do exercises that will work the muscles present in the chest area. Cardio helps in getting rid of the excess fat present in the area and strength training builds up the muscles. Some of the popular exercises for puffy nipples are dips, overhead presses, push-ups, bench presses, bodyweight flies etc. They target the area and strengthens it to give a better appearance. One should perform the exercise on a daily basis along with a good diet. Do not feel embarrassed to consult a trainer and tell them your problem. They will definitely help you in finding the best workout routine to get rid of puffy nipples. These days’ gyms do offer discrete policies and you may use a personal trainer for getting the right chest exercises.

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  • Diet: A key element of our health is the diet and so we have to pay attention to it. Dietary changes will give results on puffy nipples as you need to lower your estrogen level and up the testosterone level. One may either try a low-fat diet or a low carb diet. But some things that they should stay away from are soy products, processed foods, and One should include testosterone-rich foods like garlic, tuna, milk, ginger, eggs, beef, nuts, cruciferous vegetable etc. We will also recommend you to consult with a doctor for a complete hormone check-up. You may also include some herbal supplements in your body. For ages people in India have used herbs like turmeric, ashwagandha, and ginger to increase their testosterone levels.
  • Surgical Procedures: Several men take the route of plastic surgeries to get rid of their puffy nipples and gynecomastia. If you want to take this way, then definitely go to a reputed plastic surgeon who does these jobs. Liposuction is one of the easiest as they just remove the fat from the area. Mastectomy helps in removing the breast tissues present in the area. Some other procedures like non-invasive fat reduction and tissue excision also exist. Surgery gives the fastest result for getting rid of puffy nipples. Surgeries are also able to enhance the look of your existing nipples even if they appear normal.
  • Visit a Doctor: We will always consult you to visit a doctor if you have puffy nipples. Sometimes the underlying reasons are way scarier than out imagination. The extra breast tissue may give rise to breast cancer in the future. So, always consult a doctor as they will guide you in the right way. They will also give you the right medicines or procedure that get rids of the appearance.

We know that the puffy nipples get extra embarrassing in several circumstances. Sometimes you just want to get out of that. But remember that your body looks good as the way it is. The procedures will make the condition better but work has to take place for that. So, focus on them and have the patience to see all the desired changes.



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