Ever wondered what is the right way to have shower sex?

What is the thought that crosses your mind when you think of having ‘Shower Sex’ All those little droplets of steam, naked soapy bodies lying on cold tiles, trying to find the perfect position? The romantic hot shower sex scenes from your favourite movies, where they rip apart their shirts and jump into the act. Well, that is probably how most of us portray bathroom sex or call it shower sex.

The body is only worth to lie down, doze like a lizard or, at best, practice that strange sport called sex. And for that, nothing better than getting in the shower. As long as you do not have a jacuzzi on hand.

According to a study by GROHE, 42.2% of Americans believe that the shower is the ideal place to make love. Everyone agrees that the water jet is a delicious dressing for the sexual thing. Looks like we Americans like to convert our bathroom into a sexual water park.

But be careful, that putting it in the shower is not as easy as they paint it in porn movies. So we are going to give you all the keys so that you do it well or, at least, do not drown or split your chin.

shower sex

Tips for Great & Safe Shower Sex

Take off your clothes

Yes, both. The underpants and the panties too. And no, you do not need a float, or fins, or a swimming cap, or diving glasses. We’re going to copulate in the shower, not in a deep pit.

Get a non-slip mat

This is to avoid scares and dislikes. Or better, put on some rubber shoes.

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Play music

If you do not want to hear neighbours, in-laws or churumbeles, just take the phone and put music at full volume. I said, “music”, not just “noise”. To entertain the sexual act, you can just put on any love or romantic music.

Preheat dry

Before entering the shower, it is convenient that you give yourself a few kisses, you do a few cuddles … A little bit of prolegomena, please.

shower sex

Put it on, put it on

Aquatic sex is enjoyed more without a condom, it’s not easy either to wear a condom when you are completely drenched. But unless you use another method of contraception or you are trying to father a baby. Using a condom is mandatory, because, besides preventing you from becoming a daddy by accident, it protects you from the fearsome STDs.

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Concentrate on Foreplay

Intercourse is not an easy thing to do in the shower. So it is best to play around with your partner, tease and caress each other in all the sensitive areas. It’s fun to fool around, soap each other and play some crazy bubble games. The feeling of each others body in a new atmosphere is always a good feeling.

Use a water-resistant lubricant

Strangely enough, water dries mucous membranes and makes penetration difficult. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a silicone-based lubricant. Avoid those of water, which are diluted, and also those of oil, which damage the latex of the condom.

Hold on tight – Both feet on the ground

According to a study by the insurer Medical Insurance, the shower is the third most dangerous place to have sex, only surpassed by the stairs and the car. So you have to look for solid points of support where you can grab while you are in action. If necessary, screw some metal bars in the shower. The best position recommended for shower sex or bathroom sex is the “doggy style” as it keeps the feet firmly grounded. “If the female or the receiving partner is bent over with both feet firmly on the ground, they are more stable, and then the man can stand upright behind”

Enjoy past orgasm by water

And also saving time, because you will not need to shower after sex. Now, you can go to bed to sleep. Or maybe you want to repeat. In such a case, return to the starting square.

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