What Is Diaphoresis?

Diaphoresis is a medical condition in which a person experiences an excess of sweating, to the point of being able to become soaked in sweat. It is considered a medical condition because it does not stop even after your body has cooled down. It goes beyond just regular sweating due to its great quantities.

But everybody sweats, don’t they?

Yes, Everybody sweats. Surely on more than one occasion, you have felt the sensation of being drenched in sweat, something that is normal if you have been doing physical exercise for a long period of time or have spent several hours sunbathing on a hot summer day.


Sweating happens to cool your body when you are overheated. But sweating excess or unable to stop sweating even after you have tried to cool yourself is something unusual.  If so, then that unusual beha9viour shows that you are suffering from a medical condition which is known as Diaphoresis.

What is the difference between diaphoresis and hyperhidrosis?

It is very important not to confuse this term with hyperhidrosis since it’s one of the common causes of diaphoresis. Hyperhidrosis occurs as a result of having a hyperactive nervous system. Diaphoresis, on the other hand, implies a broader concept and can be presented as a consequence of several diseases and usually requires the attention of a medical specialist for its treatment.

Possible causes of diaphoresis

Diaphoresis - Causes

  • Menopause

Menopause is the most common cause of this medical condition. As you know, menopause is the permanent cessation of menstruation. Women go through several hormonal changes that directly affect body heat and cause the famous ‘hot flashes’ or temperature rises in the body of women that ends with abundant sweating.

Other causes

In addition to menopause, it can be caused by other more serious illnesses such as fever, some allergic reactions, thyroid disorders and bacterial infections, among others. For example, in the case of fever, the body is trying to control the drastic increase in body temperature, so sweating will appear as an attempt to correct excess heat.

Treatment of diaphoresis

The treatment is not entirely possible. This is because diaphoresis is a symptom of other medical conditions that lead to excessive sweating. That is why health professionals tend to focus on the treatment of the main causes of diaphoresis.

Diaphoresis - Treatment

Medical treatment

  • If the factors that cause diaphoresis are pathological, they should be cured first to completely eliminate it.
  • In the event that diaphoresis is caused by menopause, estrogen replacement therapy may help improve the symptoms of sweating.
  • In the event that is caused by psychological factors such as stress or anxiety, putting into practice various relaxation techniques such as yoga or medication could help alleviate the symptoms. A balanced diet and regular physical exercise could also be beneficial.
  • Some patients use powerful body antiperspirants as a solution to body odour produced by diaphoresis. Although it’s always best to consult a specialist. This is the only way that exists to be able to perform an effective treatment and above all, safe.

The best treatment is to consult with your doctor before trying treatments for yourself.

Non-surgical treatment

In some cases where the initial medical treatment is not offering good results to eliminate excessive sweating of the body, doctors can resort to the prescription of non-surgical treatments such as iontophoresis or Botox. Iontophoresis is based on introducing ions of active substances through the skin, through the application of low-intensity direct current.

Surgical treatment

In the case in which conventional treatments have not been able to stop diaphoresis, it is possible that surgical sympathectomy has to be resorted to. Also known as bilateral endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy is a surgical process that consists of sectioning some branches of the lymph nodes of the sympathetic system to alleviate the effects of excessive sweating.


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