What causes Saggy Boobs?

.Among the main aesthetic problems that affect women, we find saggy boobs, a condition also known as breast ptosis or breast shift. It is a completely natural process of the female body that occurs as time progresses, however it can also occur prematurely due to some factors that tend to reduce the firmness and smoothness of the boobs sooner than we would like.

If you want to know the possible causes of saggy boobs, so as to act and prevent them as far as possible, and also ensure your boobs doesn’t descend at an early age, then pay attention to the information I’ll share in this article.

The passage of time in our body is inevitable and, obviously, the breasts will not be the same as it was at 20 years at 40. Take into account that as we age, the skin of the body loses its natural firmness and elasticity, which is caused by a decrease in the production of elastin and collagen, leading to cause flaccidity and the inevitable fall of the breasts. This happens especially after 30 years.

Saggy Boobs

It is important to acquire habits that can help delay the effect of ageing and keep them smooth for longer.

Causes of Saggy Boobs

saggy boobs


1. Genetic component:

Of course, among the causes of saggy boobs aka saggy breasts or saggy tits, we can not forget the genetic component, as there are women who inherit skin tissues that are not very resistant to traction and that, consequently, can suffer a fall chest premature or earlier than others.

2. Weight changes

Sudden changes in weight that occur repeatedly are another major factor that accelerates the fall of the breasts. When you submit to a diet or a weight loss plan that lose kilos drastically. There is a loss of firmness in the skin and body fat is significantly reduced. These two aspects can make the boobs to fall very quickly. This is because the breasts are composed of glands and fatty tissue. When the latter is reduced, the breasts lose volume and tend to descend.

To prevent this from happening to you, it is best to follow a balanced diet at all times. This helps maintain your ideal weight and a good routine of physical exercise.

3. Pregnancy causes saggy boobs


Saggy boobs

During pregnancy, the woman’s body experiences multiple changes and, among them, the growth of the breasts, as they prepare for the moment of lactation. As the pregnancy progresses, it is very likely that stretch marks appear in the breasts due to the stretching. All these will influence the smoothness and firmness of the breasts.

4. Menopause

Another stage in which the female body undergoes important hormonal changes is during menopause. During this period, women tend to gain weight, lose muscle mass and firmness in the skin. The brain understands that the breasts are no longer needed for the milk production. Therefore, the milk ducts are decreasing causing the breasts lose hardness and fall.

5. Little or no exercise

saggy boobs

There is no doubt that one of the most effective ways to have firm and toned breasts, is the regular practice of physical exercise that exercises the muscles of that area.

This, together with a balanced and healthy diet, will be key to boasting much nicer and smoother boobs.

And, above all, when you go to exercise, use a sports bra that gives you a high level of support and according to the physical activity that you are going to carry out. This will be one more aid in the task of avoiding the fall of the boobs.

6. Wrong bra size

Although to a lesser extent than other causes, not wearing the proper support or selecting an incorrect bra size can also cause the boobs to fall earlier.

When choosing a bra, always try to look both in the centimetres measuring your back and the measurements of the contour of your breasts to find the most appropriate model for you. Such small checks will surely help you prevent from getting saggy boobs. Afterall, as the old saying goes by, prevention is better than cure.

7. Smoking causes saggy boobs

Smoking is a vice that is not good for health in any way. It has many harmful consequences for the organism, and one of which is that the skin loses its elasticity and the breasts fall and wrinkle easily. This bad habit reduces the amount of collagen in the skin and impairs blood circulation. Read this article about how smoking causes your breasts to drop.

8. Using bra obstructs the functions of elasticity and support of the boobs.

Contrary to what is thought, especially by textile business campaigns, wearing a bra too often cause saggy boobs. The breast without a bra, with the daily tasks reaffirms, gets up and the quality of the skin improves.

Since 1978, several medical studies carried out in France, the United States, Japan and Great Britain have indicated that, unlike what was believed, the bra can increase the fall of the boobs. Despite this, the textile industry does not stop proclaiming what no medical study confirms.

When using a bra, Cooper’s ligaments and skin muscles, which are the natural support of the breast, stop working,  and this causes the breast to lose its firmness, and this loosening even becomes faster with the passage of time.

9.  Not protecting yourself from the sun harms the health of your breasts.

Many still do not use a good sunscreen to care their skin and health, despite the many warning made about the risk of exposure to the sun.

This bad habit also affects the firmness of the breasts. Because precisely the neckline is one of those that receive more direct rays of the sun. These rays cause the skin to burn, wrinkle and age prematurely which results in getting saggy boobs.

Ideally, apply a good sunscreen before exposing yourself to UV rays. Try to avoid exposing yourself to the sun as much as possible.

10.  Not feeding well after pregnancy

After the beautiful experience of being a mother, the body takes time to recover its previous state. One of the commonly affected areas is the breasts, as the skin tissues get loosen causing saggy boobs. Getting in shape, stretching of the skin and the fall of the breasts is a task that all mothers want to solve in the shortest possible time.

So, now you know the causes of saggy boobs, so make sure you take these preventive measures.

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