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corepower yoga

What is CorePower Yoga?

The heath is an important factor of our body. We need to maintain our health to remain disease-free and to live a better life. We hear about several different exercises that help us in remaining healthy. But due to...
Puffy Nipples

How can men get rid of Puffy Nipples?

Our bodies constantly make us question its state if something seems missing. Many people aren’t happy about the way that their bodies look. Weight is a big issue for all genders. Men are often perceived for their body shape...
how long does nicotine stay in your system

How long does nicotine last in your system?

Nicotine Introduction Nicotine is the world's most addictive drug in tobacco which is considered legal under the law. The tobacco comes from the plant called tabacum Nicotinia and nicotine, which is in tobacco, is highly addictive. In fact, it is nicotine...

Maltose – C12H22O11 | Effects of Maltose on your health

Maltose is a malt sugar whose formula is C12H22O11. Maltose is usually formed by binding 2 glucose found in starch and glycogen. This being a rare disaccharide of nature, can be generated industrially due to the action of amylase...
shower sex

Directions for a Perfect Shower Sex

What is the thought that crosses your mind when you think of having 'Shower Sex' All those little droplets of steam, naked soapy bodies lying on cold tiles, trying to find the perfect position? The romantic hot shower sex scenes...
golden shower

Golden shower, is it sexually pleasurable?

Would you dare to urinate on your partner OR by your partner during sexual relations? For some people, involving urine in intimacy is one of the most exciting sexual fantasies, but at the same time, one of the most controversial,...


Best Hike locations in Zion National Park

The several national parks present in our world are very enticing for us. The ones which remain nestled in a pristine natural condition are...